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Best and Cheapest web hosting-

If you want to start your own blog then you need firstly two things and they are Domain name and Hosting . You should be very sure while choosing a fast and best web hosting. In this article I’ll be taking you through best web hosting that we use on this site also .

What is Hosting ?

Suppose if you want to buy a Car ,you buy it but to keep it safe and secure you need a garage and that is what we call hosting in the Online World. Basically hosting if storing your data in such a computer which can be accessed by everyone ,but the right to edit ,delete and customise the content is reserved only with the Administrator of the website and server .

What is Domain Name ?

As we all have our names and we are identifies with that , as we all have different faces ,people can identify us but in online world faces are not. So there is a unique name given to each website on the internet. Remember no two websites can have same web address . Each domain name is unique ,like is also a domain and too. But two sedrvers can’t have .

Difference Between Domain name and URL

AS I told you about domain ,and if this domain is configured to a particular format like is an URL. WHILE is a domain. But nowadays web browsers are very smart ,if you type the domain in the search bar it automatically writes the URL.

Why You should start a Blog

As you have come to know about the best web hosting to create your blog that’s nice ,You must be definite that you really want to create a blog ,there may be multiple reasons like to express your thoughts and knowledge to others and to earn some revenue from it (😀😀) ,that’s good as well. But you should be careful while creating the blog if-

  • You are really passionate about blogging
  • You will have patience for next 5 to 6 months
  • Your ultimate goal is not money (sab moh maya hai 😀)
  • You will be consistent for next 6 months
  • You have a learning attitude
  • You won’t be guilty if you fail
  • You will keep a good relation with other bloggers as well.
Cheapest Cloud Hosting .

Is starting a blog profitable in future ?

No one knows but what goes in being optimistic . By the way rest assured about this question this is really going to be relevant ,as the online era is just growing and growing but you have to be always aligned with the new technology introduced ,because change is the Nature’s rule .

Don’t be jealous with other bloggers ,YouTubers or Influencers or those earning in Lakhs ,it would harm you subconsciously and you will lose the things . Be always motivated ,optimistic and spiritual ,at the end this money won’t go with us !

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So let’s come to main part that is Best and cheapest web hosting .

Best web hosting

How to choose best web Hosting ?

Above video credit to MR VYAS . Checkout Hostinger :Here 20% off on all plans +free domain

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  1. Nice article brother. I purchased sitecountry hosting with your link with big discount ,and got an awesome speed on my website. I have a question -how can i add subdomain of my site. Please help.

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